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Catholic Health LIFE Program

City of Lackawanna
City of Lackawanna

Lackawanna Area Chamber of Commerce Membership & Benefits

There are five levels of membership within the Lackawanna Area Chamber of Commerce.

Classic Level:

Current membership levels are based on the number of employees:

Number of Employees

1-5: $135.00
6-15: $175.00
16-30: $225.00
31-50: $325.00
51 or more: $425.00

Classic Chamber Membership will include:

Premium Level: $1000

Will include everything in Classic, PLUS...

Premium Plus Level: $1750

Will include everything in Classic, PLUS...

Civic Member: $35

Civic Members are non-business members who support the Chamber in our Mission. They are Not eligible for Health Insurance through the Chamber of Commerce.

Visit our Application page for the Application Form and instructions.

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